Anaconda Biomed is a Barcelona based medical device start-up co-founded by Dr. Marc Ribo and Dr. Ofir Arad. The company is developing the next generation of catheters to perform safely and efficiently mechanical thrombectomies.

Stroke is the first cause of permanent disability in the world. The burden for the national health systems can be quantified in billions of dollars.


Intended Use: The ANCD Advanced Thrombectomy System is intended to restore blood flow in patients experiencing acute ischemic stroke due to a large vessel neurovascular occlusion.

The ANCD Advanced Thrombectomy System is designed for its use in the anterior and posterior neurovascular vessels, such as the Internal Carotid Artery (ICA), the M1 and M2 segments of the middle cerebral artery, the basilar, the posterior cerebral and the vertebral arteries.

Description: The ANCD Advanced Thrombectomy System is comprised of two coaxial catheters (Delivery catheter and Funnel catheter) made from variable stiffness sections and a Clot Mobilizer. The funnel catheter is comprised by a radiopaque Nitinol braid covered with a Silicone coating to provide local flow restriction. The delivery catheter has a hydrophilic coating to reduce friction during use and a radiopaque marker on the distal end. Both catheters have a Luer hub on the proximal end. The Clot Mobilizer is composed of a three-dimensional nitinol mesh with radio opaque markers assembled to a tapered nitinol shaft. The device is supplied pre-loaded in an insertion tool.



(Versus a traditional Balloon Guiding Catheter)

1.- The Clot is dragged down for a very short distance reducing the risk of rolling out and fragmentation.

2.- Aspiraton is greatly improve as colateral flow is almost nil.

3.- Very little additional territory is exposed to ischemia.

4.- Funnel can be deployed anywhere between the proximal ICA and the M1.



1.- Suction is a matter of force (removal/retention force applied over the clot) not of flow


Suction Force at the tip of the funnel

fs = p · A

2- Once vacuum is achieved (from 5s on)

3- Depends on radius at 2nd power

4- The bigger the catheter the stronger the force applied over the Clot the bigger the distal end of the catheter



1.- The nitinol braided funnel will adjust to the artery diameter up to 5mm avoiding “shaving” and fragmentation.

2.- The combination of aspiration and clot mobilizers is currently the most reliable technic.

3.- Its covered structure will protect it from the flow further reducing potential fragmentation.



1.- The combination of the covered funnel and the Clot mobilizer will avoid any risk of “roll-out”.

2.- The same combination will avoid distal emboli when entering the Guiding Catheter.

3.- In addition, aspiration is applied during the all extraction path.