News 2019

Cristophe Cognard, PhD. joins Anaconda Biomed as latest member of the SAB

Prof. Christophe Cognard is the Chairman of the Department of Diagnostic and Therapeutic Neuroradiology, University Hospitals Purpan and Rangueil since Dec. 2002 at university Paul Sabatier of Toulouse, France. He is also the Professor of Radiology at the same University since Sept. 1999.

Prof Cognard, with a Fellowship in Radiology (1989 to 1992) and a Thesis of Medicine on Cerebral dural arterio-venous fistulas: clinical and angiographic correlation with a revisited classification of venous drainage (Director P. Gobin, President J.J. Merland), Sept. 1992 has been developing his professional and research career in Diagnostic and Therapeutic Neuroradiology for 30 years.

Dr. Cognard has held the position of General Secretary of the ESMINT (European Society of Minimal Invasive Neurological Therapies) from 2010 to 2012 and President from 2012 to 2014.

Related to this, Dr. Cognard has also held the positions of President (2009 and 2010), Co-President (2011 to 2014) and General Secretary (2010 to 2012) of the Annual Congress of the ESMINT, Nice, France.

Before, in 2009 he was the President of the Annual Congress of the French Society of Neuroradiology (SFNR).

He has over 150 publications in scientific journals, 22 didactic articles and 6 book chapters.