News 2021

Initial Clinical experience with the ANA at VdH.pdf by A. Tomasello

Fig. 1. Thrombectomy setting with devices deployed. ANA funnel was deployed and could be visualized either at extra cranial (A) or intracranial (B) segments of internal carotid artery.

The ANA (Anaconda Biomed) thrombectomy system is a novel stroke thrombectomy device comprising a self-expanding funnel designed to reduce clot fragmentation by locally restrictingflow while becoming as wide as the lodging artery. Once deployed, ANA allows distal aspiration in com-bination with a stentretriever (SR) to mobilize the clot into the funnel where it remains copped during extraction. We investigate safety and efficacy of ANA in a first-in-man study.

2021 A. Tomasello – Initial ANA experience at VdH